How to choose LED mining lamp:

1. First look at the configuration, configuration affects the quality of the product, generally ask the lamp bead and power supply, good lamp bead with good power supply can make LED mining lamp stable operation for a long time. The LED industrial and mining lights sold by Kemilai lighting are all matched with Puri lamp beads and mingwei power supply, and the lamp beads and Keri optional. Famous brand, high quality, lang Liang lighting production of LED mining lamp luminous life up to 50000 hours.

2 look at the power, there are often manufacturers on the market with 80W virtual standard 100W or even 150W mining lamp, for the new buyer, of course, do not see it, but as long as the electricity meter is connected, you can see the actual power. The virtual standard power directly leads to insufficient illumination, so it will actually affect the work of the following factory workers. Obviously choose a reliable brand of lamps and lanterns, you can avoid this kind of problem. Kemilai lighting power is true and reliable, no false, deeply trusted and loved by customers.

3 look at the radiator material and type, generally speaking, the higher the purity of aluminum, the larger the radiator area, the better the heat dissipation effect. Poor heat dissipation of industrial and mining lamps will produce high temperature within a few hours of operation, and the heat will continue to affect other accessories such as beads. Aluminum alloy is used as raw material to ensure its heat dissipation performance. In principle, the greater the power, the greater the lighting mold.